Sep 5, 2015

10 things about me

Hi there!
So I finally came around with creating a blog!
It's been a long time coming but now that I'm finally done with school and currently in the (not so successful) hunt for a job I've decided it's time.

Since this is my first post I thought I'd share a few facts about myself so here we go:

1. My name is Monica Gomes.
2. I turned 24 on the 24th of May (golden birthday!).
3. I live in Coimbra, Portugal, this little country at the tip of Europe.
4. I'm a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
5. I'm a proud brunette with brown eyes and fairly light skin.

6. Been trying to loose weight all my life..but I love food, what can I do?
7. I also love youtube videos and tv series, books, fashion, beauty and dogs.
8. I have no special talents and I am socially awkward.
9. It takes me a while to trust people and to be comfortable around them.
10. I used to be the brightest kid in class…but then college happened.

If you want to know anything else talk to me and come find me on instagram (@m.onica), twitter (@m_onicagomes), tumblr (undernea-th) or snapchat (m.onicagomes).


  1. Gostei de saber um bocadinho de ti. Especialmente o número 10. Aconteceu-me o mesmo xD

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    1. Obrigada linda :) hehe acontece aos melhores ;) Adoro o teu blog e insta! Beijinhos

  2. chamasse a isso casar os gémeos! (fazer 24 anos no dia 24 ;)


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