Jan 25, 2016

#bakingwithmonica: Chocolate Braid

Hello dears!
Today I'm coming to you with a recipe, but not really ;)

I came across this Chocolate Braid idea on Facebook and it basically consists on putting together 3 ingredients.

You'll need:
1 bar of chocolate (I used dark)
1 sheet of puff pastry (preferably squared)
1 egg

Simply place the chocolate in the middle and cut some diagonal stripes of pastry on the left and right and remove the corners. Start at top, fold down flap then alternate right and left until you are close to bottom. Fold bottom flap up and finish alternating.

Since I used a circular piece of pastry, instead of squared, I had some leftover pieces which I tried to turn into tiny little croissants :)

The final step is to brush everything with some egg wash (egg and a bit of water) and they're ready to place in the oven at 200ÂșC for about 20 minutes until golden brown.

And BOOM! Look how beautiful it turns :)

The croissants were so tiny and cute and they also tasted bomb!

Unfortunately the Chocolate Braid turned out more beautiful than tasty because the chocolate was a little too bitter, so next time I'll sure use milk chocolate instead :)

But maaan, it looks so good ahaha

If you try this make sure to post a photo and tag me in it so I can check it out and like it and all that good stuff :)

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