Mar 5, 2017

Home Decor Inspiration

Hello loves! Hope you had an amazing weekend. 
Today I bring you a different type of post, with inspiration from Pinterest. 
Every time I have a bit of time or are fed up with the endless scrolling on all my social media I head to Pinterest and pin away all kinds of stuff, from fashion to makeup, recipes and dream travel destinations. 
Another category I love pining is home decor, I've been loving this board so much that I thought I could share some decor inspiration with you.
I can't wait to have my own place and get creative decorating it from scratch and making it my own, keeping it cosy and functional but pretty and (hate myself for saying it) instagramable ahah.
My goal is making it minimal, mainly white with hints of dusty pink and grey, metals (that rose gold though!), marble and some green plants. 
Here I leave you some amazing pictures I'm hoping to recreate one day, from the bedroom to the living area and kitchen, not forgetting the closet, vanity and desk areas as well. 

Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration to redecorate your home and make your space more personal.

Thank you for reading,


  1. Adoro todas as inspirações! Lindas! :)

  2. Rosa, dourado, branco e cinzento... Estou a ver que andamos com as mesmas obsessões no que toca a decoração :b Adoro todas as fotos! xx

  3. Adoro tanto os tons rosa, adorava decorar a minha casa assim :D
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    1. Também eu, fica tão giro, com os elementos metálicos então, um must :) Beijinhos

  4. Que inspirações lindas, adorei.


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