May 14, 2017

Birthday Wishlist

Hello loves!

As you're reading this I'm currently in Milan, Europe's Capital of fashion :) but I wanted to leave a post ready for today and since my birthday is only a few days away, on the 24th, this is the ideal time to share with you my Birthday Wishlist!

This is a collection of items I would love to get on my birthday, some have been on my wishlist for quite a while and if I don't get them as presents I might need to get my hands on them buying them myself ahah

Let's split this into categories, shall we?

Fashion - The CK logo sweater in grey is a dream, as well as those Nike Air Max Thea, and is it even worth mentioning the Chloé Faye Medium? I love this bag, especially in grey, but not even in my wildest dreams I expect to have it anytime soon, but I will settle for a knock off, I know Shein had a pretty good one! (hint :p)
A more 'realistic' present I'm hoping for in this category is a Minimal Gold Plated Necklace, and I'm loving this one from Parfois.

Technology - I usually don't ask for techy gifts but this year there are two products I've been wanting pretty bad! The Lumee Selfie Light Case or the GlowMe LED Selfie Ringlight, to get that perfect selfie ahahah and the HP Sprocket, this amazing device that prints pictures directly from your phone!

Home Decor - I love minimal and trendy decor pieces, anything featuring brassy gold or copper and marble, and I've found some Jewelry Organizers at Flying Tiger that I'd love to bring home. I also put in this category the Capture Your Style Book by Aimee Song because after reading it and learning loads about Instagram it will look great on my coffee table :)

Makeup - This is always the bigger category in my wishlists, I have nothing to say in my defense ahah
I'm wanting a bunch of eyeshadows starting with my favorite brand Zoeva Naturally Yours (want to know more about Zoeva Eyeshadows? Click here!), followed by Morphe's 35F Palette and NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Isolde or Hammamet.
And to help apply these beautiful shadows I'd also love to get the new Real Techniques Eye Shade and Blend Brush Duo.
Lastly, I'm dying to try a few products from a brand I own anything from, MAC Cosmetics, and the Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle as well as the Velvet Teddy and Brave Lipsticks are at the top of my list!

Anyway, these are just things I'd like to get but I would be happy with cake and flowers or a simple card :) Not used to getting much presents anyway!

Thank you for reading,


  1. Espero que estejas a adorar Milão querida! Eu super recomendo a 35F, vais adorá-la de certeza!

  2. Adorei tudo! É difícil escolher apenas uma coisa ahah

    Um beijinho,
    Baú da Vaidade

  3. Diverte-te imenso por Milão! Espero que este seja o ano em que a MAC entra na tua vida ahaha! O Brave é a coisa mais linda (dito isto lembrei-me que o tenho perdido algures e preciso de reintroduzi-lo na minha rotina)!

    Marta Rodrigues, Majestic

  4. Adoro a tua listinha! Também adorava ter a impressora da HP eheheh :)


  5. Nice wishlist, I hope you get at least something from it for your birthday. All the best! <3

  6. A lumee e a impressora da HP também estão na minha wishlist ! Ainda não conhecia o teu blog mas achei adorável :)

    Página FB

  7. Milan is stunning! Hope you're enjoying! An that's an awesome wishlist :D

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  8. Que blog incrível! Layout muito bom! Vou começar a acompanhar!

  9. Só coisas boas nesta listinha!


  10. Bem que não me importava de ter tudo *-*

  11. Tanta coisinha maravilhosa! Adoro os detalhes em dourado na decor *-* Também adorava experimentar as sombras da morphe. As da zoeva são fantásticas, essa paleta também é super gira *-*
    Beijinhos, The Fancy Cats | Japan Candy Box Giveaway

  12. Só coisas maravilhosas, também não me importava de ter tudo ;)

  13. ÓTIMA LISTA QUERIDA!Um dia vou comprar a HP Sprocket, sonho de consumo!

  14. Great post! Photos are amaizing! If you want that we follow each other,let me know by leaving a comment :)


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