Apr 26, 2016

Mother's day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is right around the corner and even though we should appreciate our mothers all year around I'm bringing you some ideas of little gifts to make this day a little more special.

While looking around Pinterest for DIY gifts I found some cool ideas worth sharing:

Slippers filled with Treats - Cozy slippers are always a good idea for mothers and you can turn them into an original and more interesting gift by filling them with little treats such as chocolates, lip balm, nail polish and travel size cosmetics.

Kitchen Utensils in a Glove - Using the same principle as the previous gift, you can fill a kitchen glove with all these different cooking utensils and create an exciting present for all those mothers who love to cook for their families.

Succulents in a Tea Cup - Great idea to use that one vintage tea cup in the cabinet is to fill it with soil and plant a little succulent on it. It seriously turns out so cute!

 But if you're extra lazy or just don't have the time (or the tiniest amount of talent it takes) to come up with a DIY gift, you can always go for jewerly, shoes or bags, which I'm sure most women love! 
And if you want to add something extra there are lots of mother's day special edition items, such as notebooks, candle or mugs (like the sassy one I show above ;)

 Or if you're looking for an even cheaper alternative just write her a postcard telling how much you care about her, there are tons of free printables online!
(images found on Pinterest + text I added on the first one)

Hope you found this post helpful and thank you so much for reading.


  1. thank you for the ideas!!

    kisses dear

  2. Essa caneca é to dye for :P xD
    Beijinhos =)


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