Aug 7, 2016

(Another!) Maquillalia Haul

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! :)
Guess what? I'm bringing you another beauty/makeup haul from Maquillalia!
I seriously love this online store, it has a huge range of beauty and skincare products featuring a whole lot of amazing brands and the shipping is crazy fast, I usually get the package within 48 hours after I place my order and you always get a free treat :p

Now let's get into what I got this time...
The Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso has been on my wishlist for a long time now and I finally put my hands on it. It's a beautiful peachy color that gives such a natural glow to the skin. It comes with a mirror and a brush applicator, in very compact packaging and it cost me 8,49€.

I've also been wanting to try some products from NYX apart from their lip stuff, which is all I own, so I got the Micro Brow Pencil in MBP06: Brunette. The tip is, as the name suggests, super fine wich makes it very precise and the spoolie works very well as well I'd say but sadly the color I got is still a bit too light for me :( This cost me 8,90€. 

From NYX I also got the Studio Finishing Powder in SFP01 Translucent because I was dying to try the baking technique, and let me tell you it works! My undereye never looked better ;) This powder cost me 9,90€ and it was worth every penny.

While on the website I noticed the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes were half the price so I grabbed the Pointed Crease Eyeshadow Brush - E301 (3,97€) and the Flawless Powder Brush - F301 (6,48€). To be honest I only picked them because they're super beautiful and I thought they would look great in my vanity, since I already own some brushes from the brand and I'm not crazy about them BUT... These ones are a whole different story! The quality is so good, I was so impressed, specially with the powder one, it's the softest thing I've ever felt *-* Better than the Real Techniques ones I own, and I most definitely will buy more of this collection.  

So as you can see, apart from the brow pencil, I was very happy with my purchases and with the online store itself. The only problem with Maquillalia is that there are always a bunch of products sold out (I wanted the Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur), and I also wish they carried a few more brands, for instance Anastasia Beverly Hills, Charlotte Tilburry or Morphe Brushes because I'm dying to get some of their products.

Thank you for reading, and come back soon for new posts!


  1. Que pincéis lindos! quero muito um desses!
    Gostei muito do blog, já estou a seguir.
    Um beijinho.


    1. Valem mesmo a pena!
      Obrigada, segui de volta :)

  2. Esses pincéis são tão lindos !
    Já sigo <3

    On Wednesdays I Wear Pink

  3. É por isto que eu adoro o teu blog,falas sempre do melhor tema,maquilhagem!!
    E fico feliz por saber que não sou a única que adoro estar sempre a comprar mais e mais nova maquilhagem eheh


    1. Ai não, somos muitas a fazer o mesmo hehe
      Obrigada por passares por aqui! :)


  4. Ai que pincéis mais lindos!!
    Segui o blog :D Passa pelo meu e diz-me o que achas!

  5. Tanta coisinha boa! A maquillalia é um vicio :P O luminoso está na minha wishlist à tanto tempo, é liindo. E também quero imenso experimentar o micro brow da nyx! Já estou a seguir o teu blog <3
    beijinhos, The Fancy Cats

    1. Se é, já tenho outra vez o carrinho cheio :p
      Obrigada por passares por cá, segui de volta!


  6. Ótimas comprinhas!
    Quero muito experimentar esses pincéis, parecem ser ótimos :)

    1. São mesmo, especialmente o de pós, tãaaao macio!


  7. Não posso ir ao site da maquillalia, quero sempre comprar tudo ahah
    O blush parece ser fantástico, tem uma cor muito bonita!

    Welcome to 104

  8. Hello Hello :)
    Queria muito experimentar o HD studio da NYX.

    1. Eu gosto bastante de usar para "set the undereye" :)



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