Jun 27, 2016

Summer Sale Finds - Part I

Hey loves! How you doing?
The sale has finally started and today I'm here to show you what I got on my first trip to the mall.
I didn't manage to find many great pieces, prices are still high and there were so many people in the stores, too much going on to my liking.
The stuff I got are shown above:
Shirt from Stradivarius (12,99€), coat from Lefties (17,99€), shoes from Zara (19,99€).

I want to go back and look for more stuff I still need like a cute lace brawlette, confy sneakers and some cropped pants.

What about you? Did you find anything good yet? Which is your favorite store to shop at during the sale?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Esse casaco foi mesmo um achado! Adoro a camisa, é mesmo a minha cara! Aqui a Zara ainda não começou os saldos mas ando a rondas as lojas tipo jaws ahah.

    Marta Rodrigues, Majestic

    1. A camisa é bué feminina, adorei!
      Mas quase a perdi! Esqueci-me do saco no meio da primark :o 40 e tal minutos depois ainda estava n mesmo sitio, tive bué sorte :p

      Quando começam aí?

  2. Gosto tanto dos sapatos, são perfeitos para quando a ocasião exige um visual mais formal :)

    Kill Your Barbies

    1. São mesmo, espero ter ocasiões para os usar :p


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