Jan 22, 2017

Brand Alert: NYX Cosmetics

Hello my loves! How have you been? 
Today I'm gonna talk to you about NYX Cosmetics.
I own a few products from this brand now, which I purchased on Maquillalia and at the brand's official store in Barcelona. 

Just recently a store has opened in Portugal but off course it was in the big city (we don't have anything in Coimbra).
Let me show you what I have...

Starting with the Soft Matte Lip Creams, I own four - Copenhagen, Stockholm, Istanbul and Milan
I love the formula on these, they're exactly what they claim to be, soft and creamy textured, even though they transfer and never dry completely, they don't leave my lips feeling dry or patchy.


The applicator on these is my favorite out of the bunch I'm about to show you, it's short and gives me lot's of control when applying the product to the lips.
On to the swatches... Stockholm is my favorite shade, you know I love the nudes.

From top to bottom, Stockholm, Istanbul, Milan and Copenhagen, on natural lighting on the left and with flash on the right.

Sticking with the lippies theme, let me tell you about the Liquid Suede, which I own in Soft-Spoken. 

 They call it a cream lipstick, but it looks very liquidy to me. I like this shade a lot and it reminds me of Kat Von D's Lolita. Sadly the applicator is not that great making it kinda messy to apply.


The newer addition to my NYX lipstick collection is the Lip Lingerie in Embellishment. It is indeed a liquid lipstick, with a very light formula (pretty much can't feel it on the lips) that dries completely matte. 

I'm happy with the formula, but the applicator is very similar to the one mentioned above and I was disappointed with the shade I got. I was hoping this to be a mauvy nude but it turned out way darker with a gray undertone.

 Embellishment on top and Soft-Spoken at the bottom, without and with flash.

Moving on to face, I've owned for a couple of months now the HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder in Translucent. I feel like it does a great job at setting my undereye concealer and I also apply it to my T zone to help keeping it mattified for longer. It leaves the skin feeling super soft to touch, but I have to be careful applying it because I usually end up a little too white specially around my nose. 

Since I liked the loose powder so much I recently bought the compact version of it in hopes it won't be as messy and also easier to take on the go and retouch during the day, I have yet to play with it some more before I form an opinion on it.


Next comes the Micro Brow Pencil, a very precise brow pencil thanks to it's tiny tip, but that I don't use because sadly the shade I got, Brunette, is still too light for me. But I do love the spoolie it comes with and I use it very often.

And I left my favorite to last, the Ultimate Shadow Pallete in Warm Nudes. I truly love this pallete, I reach for it on a daily basis, even when I use my Zoeva Cocoa Blend, I still manage to include one or two shades from this in the look.

 My eyeshadow looks for work tend to be more simple, so I usually only use the two top rows which are lighter and less pigmented. The bottom rows are way more intense and I leave them for going out at night or during the weekend when I wear bolder makeup. 

From bottom to the top, the first two rows on the left and the third and fourth row on the right, without and with flash.

These shadows don't last as long as my Zoeva ones, and maybe aren't as buttery but they blend as easily and they turn out being a lot cheaper considering they bring way more shades. I love this pallete so much, it is perfect for traveling, compact and sturdy packaging and a selection of beautiful matte and shimmer warm nude shades.

And that's it, my collection of NYX products! Overall I'm happy with the products I own and I'm looking forward into trying new things from the brand and growing the stash ahah

Do you own any products from the brand? Which ones do you recommend me?

Thank you for reading,


  1. A paleta tem cores lindas!!

    A Maiazita

  2. adoro a nyx em especial os liquid suede :D


  3. Love all the products! :)
    See my blog, kiss


  4. Quero tanto experimentar os mates, tenho um lingerie e adoro *.*
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

  5. Ohh awesome products! I love Nyx, i use their stick foundation daily and i just love it!

    Xo, Carla

  6. A Nyx tem produtos fantásticos! Gosto muito dos soft matte lip creams, são muito confortáveis <3
    Beijinhos, The Fancy Cats | KAWAII BOX Giveaway

  7. Tantos produtos fantásticos, adorei essa paleta é linda.

  8. YES GURL!! Adoro a NYX!! É bastante problemático para a minha carteira a NYX estar em Portugal e agora com cada vez melhor acesso (já há no Norteshopping, Almada e BAIXA Lisboa). Adoro os Lingerie (preferido é Push-Up) e adoro os liquid Swede (preferido é Vintage).
    Já estou a seguir!
    Makeup By Pi

  9. Já conhecia a NYX há uns anos porque aqui na Suiça a marca já existia! Sempre gostei dos produtos que lá comprei, sempre foram de qualidade e os preços são bastante acessíveis! =)



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