Jan 8, 2017

New Year's Resolutions

Hello loves! 
How is 2017 treating you? 
I'm probably a bit late to bring you a new year's resolutions post but I figured it was a nice way to start and to keep a record (with witnesses ahah) of what I'm hoping to achieve this year... maybe this way it will be easier to keep me on track with them!

2016 wasn't that great to be honest, I had to deal with a lot of crap in my family, disagreements, sicknesses and even losses, but I also had a bunch of great moments and getaways with family and friends.. but hey here I am hoping 2017 treats me a little bit better.

Sooooo new year, new me...bullshit! I'm not even going to attempt talking about eating healthy and exercising because I can always only do it for a month max and end up failing miserably, so let me just say I'll try to switch up a few foods for healthier alternatives.
This year I want to achieve more practical goals.
  • Blog more - I want to dedicate more of my time to this blog, create more content for you guys. Get better with my pictures and grow my social media so I can promote my posts and reach a bigger audience. I'm also looking forward to collaborate with brands and other bloggers. This past year I received one or two propositions from clothing sites, but they kinda look sketchy and I end up refusing the offers because I want only to talk to you about brands I trust and know are good quality. 
  • Travel more often - 2016 wasn't a bad year in this field, I only got on a plane once to go abroad (Barcelona Travel Diary), but I went on plenty of small trips in my country, sunny Portugal. Out of 12 months I left my city in 7 of them, which was really good. This year I'm hoping to get out of the country more... and I want to finally start my physical Travel Diary I know I keep doing my travel posts but I want to keep it on paper. Greece and Italy are absolute goals this year! I was already planning a Belgium getway by the end of this month but the flights escalated so fast that we had to change plans.

  • Take better care of myself - I'm also hoping to take better care of myself and invest more in me.. I want to take the time to get put together every morning, I want to invest in better skincare and actually stop being lazy and really use it, I want to learn how to be better at makeup and maybe get those eyelash extensions I've been thinking about ;)

  • Read more - Another thing I intend to do more this year is read more books! 2015 was an okay year for me in terms of books read, but this past year was a total disaster! You can keep up with my reading challenges on Goodreads and maybe suggest me some good books?   

  •  Go out more - I've fallen into a routine where I go from home to work and from work back home. This year I want to go out more, spend more time with friends, I want to try new places,  restaurants and cafes, go out more, spend a little more time outside. 

  • Get my license - Another very personal goal is to loose my fear of driving and finally go and  get my drivers license. It will totally give me the freedom I need to achieve some other goals of mine.

  • Find a new job and move out - Sadly my internship is about to end, I was very happy being in the pharmacy I'm working now, with my boss and all my colleagues (minus the paycheck) but my contract is about to end and I've been noticed they can't keep me. So I'll have to find a new job, and let me tell you, in this city is almost mission impossible, so eventually I'll have to move cities, maybe even country we'll see... all I know is I'm so scared of leaving my comfort zone. 
 2017 will be a year of big changes for me...Hope they're good ones.
Anyway, Happy New Year everybody!
Thank you for reading,


  1. Aii, identifico-me com tantaaa coisa *.* Quero dedicar-me imenso ao blog, viajar, tirar a minha cartinha, tantaaa coisa :P
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

  2. Também partilho da maior parte dos teus desejos :)

    My Fashion Sense

  3. Muitas das tuas resoluções são também as minhas! Adoro as fotos e gostei muito de conhecer o teu blog, já sigo :)



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