Feb 19, 2017

Cult Beauty Haul + First Impressions on Huda Beauty lippies

Hello my darlings! How was your weekend? 
I'm finally bringing you a Cult Beauty haul.. My sister, as the makeup addict she is, has been nagging me about making an order on Cult Beauty so we could share the shipping (or achieve an amount to get free shipping, let's face it that's what happened!) so I gave in and off course I ended up spending more money than she did!

It was the first time we ordered from the site...We've been waiting for the restock of the Morphe 35O and when it finally came back we jumped on the website and stupidly bought the 35OM by mistake... I know, I know! No idea how that happened because we're pretty sure we had the right one on the favorites and that's the one we added to cart... anyway, it was £23.50 and we ain't gonna need any more matte eyeshadows for a life time!

So my sister bought the palette, and off course I bought lippies. I was curious to try the Huda Beauty lip stuff and I ended up adding to cart the Lip Contour in Bombshell (£16) and the Liquid Matte in Trendsetter (£18). Two nudes daahh...

The packaging on these is impeccable, looks luxurious and oh so pretty, super instagramable I dare say ahaha

The lipliner has very similar packaging to Kylie's, and even the quality reminds me of hers, it glides on the lips very smoothly and leaves them the perfect matte, comfortable to wear and super long lasting. I haven't sharpened it yet, but I sure hope it doesn't end like Kylie's where the color part comes off from the actual pencil. 

Bombshell is the most beautiful shade, a mauvy pinky nude, right up my alley! I might buy this shade in liquid formula as well because I love it that much!

The Liquid Matte comes in a beautiful frosty plastic tube, and it has an amazing applicator, again very similar to Kylie's, that brings out exactly the right amount of product for one application. 

As for the formula, I had my doubts about it the first time I used it because it became a little uncomfortable to wear, but my lips are normally too dry and that day they're pretty bad.. but I tried it again on a better lip day ahah and it was much more bearable.

I like the way the lipstick looks on the lips, it is matte but not too matte if you know what I mean, and even though I feel like it never completely dries in the center of the lips it lasts pretty long and doesn't transfer that bad... as for eating and drinking, no matter how many formulas I've tried I have yet to find the one who survives after a meal, that doesn't leave me with a butt hole mouth ughh..

Trendsetter is also a lovely color, more browny with a warm undertone, I love it, but I think it doesn't flatter me as much as Bombshell, what do you think? Should I get it in liquid form as well?

 Cult Beauty let's you pick a few free samples with your order and I chose another brand I never tried before but am curious about, Becca Cosmetics. I got these tiny samples of the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (Champagne Pop wasn't available), the Under Eye Brightening Corrector and the Backlight Priming Filter.. they're so small that I'm saving them for a special occasion ahah

 Have you tried anything from Morphe, Huda Beauty or Becca Cosmetics? Which products do you recommend?

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