Jul 4, 2016

Kylie's Matte Lip Kits Review + Swatches

Hi loves! How have you been?
I'm finally bringing you the Kylie Lit Kit's Review and Swatches! (uh uh it was about time! I was waiting for some other shades to arrive but the order got held in customs, so I'll tell you about these ones now and show you the new ones later :)

The shades I'm about to show you are 22, Kourt K, Posie K, Koko K, Candy K and Dolce K.

The lipkits are my sister's, she bought them on kyliecosmetics, paying 26,31€ for each kit plus shipping (13,56€ for each order) and 2 out of 3 orders got stuck at customs, and she had to pay extra taxes, so they turned out super expensive. 
I think I won't ever pay so much for a lipstick (never say never, you say!), but the truth is you get two products, liquid lipstick and lip liner, so it kinda justifies the price.

I've only tried three shades yet, Posie K, Candy K and Koko K, and before trying them, watching videos and swatches online I thought Candy was going to be my fave but it turns out in my lips it looks brownier than I wish and I ended up preferring Koko! I'm also very excited to try Exposed, but it hasn't arrived yet :/
In my opinion, these have a good applicator which makes it easy to apply and they last pretty well unless you're having a meal and they start to crumble a bit. They are a bit drying on the lips and they kinda look "too matte" for my liking ahah I really liked the lip liners though, very creamy and I like how they look alone. Kylie is starting to sell them separately, and I've been thinking about buying Koko for myself.

Koko K liquid lipstick and lip liner, very well loved as you can see ;) 

My sister, on the other hand, hasn't stopped using them since she got them, so I asked her to give you guys her opinion which you can read below:

"Kylie's products actually blew my mind, first the packaging is so gorgeous, it would look cute even as decoration; the smell, omg I love the smell, it smells so good! I can only smell it when I apply it, not after I've had it on for a while but maybe that's just me, I've seen some reviews where they say they can still smell it after a while; the liquid lipstick is relatively easy to apply, especially if you are experienced in applying this kind of product on your lips, it dries matte very quickly but they can be a bit drying if you have dry lips, so be sure to apply a primer or a lip balm beforehand, they last a long time, like over 5 hours, you can eat, drink and it will still look good, it only comes off a bit in the inner part of the lips, especially if the food you eat is oily, then you'll definitely get butthole lips; the lip liners are very smooth and pigmented and so very easy to apply, the tip goes pretty fast if you fill your whole lips and basically wear them everyday like me but you can sharpen them and do it all over again. 
One note, the darker colors are the ones that are a little patchy and last less time looking good, mainly Kourt K, it is very patchy and uneven when you apply it, you need to be extra careful applying it and I suggest with this color you really fill your whole lips with the liner before putting on the liquid lipstick."
- Elsa Gomes (@e.lsagomes)

Some swatches without and with flash

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed this post, I'll be sharing with you Mary Jo K, True Brown K and Exposed once they arrive :)
Thank you for reading!


  1. O Koko K é lindo!

    Marta Rodrigues, Majestic

  2. as cores são lindas de morrer e as embalagens também
    acho que a kylie se saiu muito bem com esta linha de maquilhagem :)


    1. É verdade!
      Obrigada por passares por aqui!

  3. Gostava taaanto de ter um destes lindos, mas são caritos :p
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram

    1. São mesmo caros :/ Mas não é que não valham a pena :p

  4. Opa quero tanto o Kourt K e o Candy K!!!
    Black Rose by Annluck
    Passatempo no blog - Ganha um corrector da Urban Decay

    1. O Kourt não tem tão boa qualidade como o Candy, esfarela mais e não fica tão homogéneo nos lábios :/ Mas a cor é linda!

  5. Pronto, é oficial, vou ter q comprar pelo menos um deles! Com jeitinho ela faz umas promoções na black friday :P

    Beijinhos =)
    Pink Ivory

    1. Se fizer aproveita para comprar logo meia dúzia :p xo


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