Jun 5, 2016

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette Review + Swatches

Hello loves! Happy Sunday :)
Today I bring you, as promised, a review of my Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette featured in my Birthday Haul.

When I got it as a present I immediately freaked when I saw it, the packaging is soooo beautiful!

When you open it this is what you see. I won't lie, that middle one got me like "what am I supposed to do with this white powder?", the other two shades seemed okay.

But when I swatched it all three colors turned out sooo beautiful! Heavy Crown is such a pretty matte bronzer, Glowing Still is this gorgeous goldeny shade and Palace Door shows up rosy gold.

They are pressed powders but feel so velvety smooth on the skin (specially the bronzer) perfect to bring out your natural contour and highlights of the cheeks.

I've yet to try the contour shade, but I've already used the other two. The highlighter is perfect, very luminous and gives you a real POP! If you're looking for something subtle probably you shouldn't go for this one... As for the blush, I find it a little tooo shiny as I prefer more matte finishes on the cheeks. I will sure give it another go, but I might just use it to highlight as well!

What about you? Have you jumped on the highlighting bandwagon?
Hope you enjoyed reading, thank you again!


  1. Adoro!
    Sabes qual é o preço corrente?
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram

  2. O Palace Door é tão lindo! Agora ainda a quero mais! O "branco" parece mesmo o tipo de iluminador que cega alguém ao Sol ahah

    Marta Rodrigues, Majestic

  3. Que paleta incrível, fiquei a deseja-la.
    Segui o blog.

  4. These shades are so pretty and they swatch beautifully!


  5. Ando a morrer por experimentar essa paleta! Já ouvi imensas coisas boas e nunca mais lhe ponho as mãos em cima... Beijinho,
    NOVA PUBLICAÇÃO // neptunesecrets.blogspot.pt // facebook

  6. São tão giros! Ando à imenso tempo para ceder e experimentar alguma maquilhagem da Zoeva! Não sei se comece pelos produtos para a cara ou olhos :P Acho que essa paleta é um bom começo :P
    That highlight thou! :P

    Pink Ivory ɷ

    1. Este é o meu primeiro produto da marca, gostei muito! :)
      Eles também têm paletas de sombras lindas *.* E os pincéis <3



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