Dec 29, 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

Hello my loves! 
Hope you had an amazing Christmas full of love and family time, and also lots of presents. This year I got super lucky with my gifts, and I'm gonna show you the bits I got... let's go!

The first present I got was from one of my secret santas and you already saw it, because of our overlapping schedules we exchanged gifts real early and I featured my presents in my Super Last Minute Giftguide - the warm and comfy Rudolf socks and the Benefit Do the Hoola and I also got a Merryteaser chocolate (long gone!)

The gift from my sister you've also seen if you follow me on instagram because I started using it way before Christmas ahaha - three Zoeva Rose Golden Vol 2 brushes (sorry I didn't clean them for the picture ups).

 From my other secret santa, a work colleague, I got just what I asked for - a power bank, can you believe I still didn't own one of those? I bet it's going to be super handy! And how cute is the little bag she gave me as wrapping for it?!

 From my cousin I got a cute pink bag/necessaire (which I still photographed) but ended up returning it because I have too many, so I traded it for two pairs of warm socks (I'm such a grandma, I love fuzzy socks).

From my boss I got a perfume - Hugo Boss The Scent for Her and two necessaires from Sephora (see why I returned the other?).

 From all the rest of my family, mum, dad, aunt, uncle and grandad I got money which is always good to get ahah... Now that the sales are here I'm for sure gonna spend it!

 What about you? What did you get this year?
Sorry this came a little late, I bet nobody is thinking about Christmas anymore, everybody is getting ready for the New Year's Eve right?

Thanks for reading,


  1. Esses pincéis devem ser a melhor coisinha :o

    Feliz ano novo <3
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

  2. adorei tudoooo :D

  3. Óptimas prendinhas! :D
    Espero que tenhas tido um Natal muito feliz e que 2017 seja um ano incrível :)

    1. Obrigada linda, um óptimo ano para ti também :)


  4. que boas coisinhas (:

  5. Tanta coisinha boa! Essa necessaire aw <3 E o kit da benefit é fantástico *.*
    beijinhos, The Fancy Cats

  6. Prendinhas boas. O perfume é optimo :)

  7. Só coisas maravilhosas :)


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