Mar 19, 2017

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures #instahelp

Hello loves! How was your weekend?
Today I'm here to talk about Instagram! I'm not sure if you know this about me, but Instagram is my absolute favorite social media app and where I spend most of my online time, always checking new posts from the accounts I follow.
I'm now fully converted to Instastory, it's so much easier to have everything in the same place so I kinda left snapchat aside and share my daily life in my story quite a lot.
But when it comes to my actual feed I put a whole lot more effort into it, taking my time to take pictures, edit them and plan how and when to post them in order to make it all match (well sometimes it just doesn't) and get them out there when most people will actually see and engage with them - let me know if you'd like to learn which apps and tricks I use to manage this.
Anyway, today I'm here to show you how I edit my pictures from the camera roll straight to my feed!
All my instagram pictures are taken with my iPhone SE and edited pretty much the same way using three major apps - VSCO, Facetune and Snapseed.

I always start with VSCO where I straighten and crop the pictures if needed and then apply a filter, most of the times is HB1 with different intensities depending on the photo. 

I then head to Facetune where I whiten my backgrounds and sharpen some details I want to pop out from the picture. This is a paid app but there are a few free alternatives which you can use, for example for whitening Airbrush works pretty well.


Lastly I use Snapseed, which is really handy with its brush tool which allows me to work in a specific area of the picture, I mainly use it for saturation or exposure.

And ta daaa, my pictures are ready to be posted! Sometimes I still retouch brightness and shadows on instagram's editing tools but that's it  :)

 Here's a look at the picture side by side from start to finish, as well as some other examples!


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Hope this post was somehow helpful! 
Thank you for reading,


  1. Gosto imenso do teu insta!

    Marta Rodrigues, Majestic

  2. Adoro editar fotos! Também uso o vsco e o snapseed :)

    Mil beijinhos,

    1. Já nem consigo viver sem essas duas apps bem como o FaceTune ahah, xo

  3. O meu favorita é, sem dúvida, o Facetune *.*
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

    1. Por acaso a minha é o VSCO mas o FaceTune também dá muito jeito. xo

  4. Gostei muito das tuas dicas.

  5. A minha app favorita para editar é a vsco, adoro! :D
    Beijinhos, The Fancy Cats

  6. Óptimas dicas, adorei =)

  7. Usamos as mesmas apps! E o mesmo filtro! O mais engraçado é que como conseguimos ter resultados tão diferentes! Gostei muito do teu feed :)
    R: Séries que vi recentemente: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage. Filmes recentes: La La Land, últimos três do Batman, Moana, ... Tirando anime e curtas ahah! :)
    Obrigada pelo comentário, segui! <3

    1. Really? Que curioso ahah realmente são bastante diferentes!
      Já vi o Moana e quero ver o La La Land :)
      Obrigada pelo follow no insta, já sigo de volta :)


  8. Que máximo! segui-te *

    Eu edito as minhas mesmo com os filtros do Insta ou do meu próprio telemóvel. Antes usava o PicsArt e o InstaBeauty mas agora já não uso muito. Beijinho

  9. amazing! very nice post , thanks for the share <3

    New post - Love yourself first

    Check out my ♥Instagram ,Blog╚ovin and

    Stay Gold

  10. Eu edito no VSCO CAM e adoro.
    Gostei muito das dicas.
    Beijinhos :)


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