Sep 27, 2015

Wedding day

Hello girls!
On the 12th of this month I went to a wedding and I'm now sharing a few photos of the day :) I know I'm a little late...

The bride's house was surrounded with cute flower decorations and her ride to the church was also pretty cool!

Here's my sister and me after the ceremony, and beautiful Coimbra behind me.

The newly weds met at a dancing class so the whole wedding theme was based on dancing and our table was the Foxtrot.

The party was really nice, and so was the food. Here are a few photos of the menu.

The place was pretty to take pictures, there was a park for the children (where I spent a lot of time with my 3 year old little cousin) and there was a mini dancing class before the fireworks and the cake!

It was a memorable day and I wish great happiness to the married couple :)

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